People and Mission

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LUSHTECH™, founded in 2020 during the Global Pandemic (Covid-19), is a Pan European e-commerce and provider of Smart Urban Mobility Solutions.  

LushTech has, as a main purpose, the commitment to provide to Commuters a more environmentally friendly smart urban mobility vehicles that can help to improve Urban mobility while making air cleaner.

LushTech wants to empower people everywhere to move across their cities and communities in ways that are fun, fast, simple and Safe avoiding crowded Underground/Buses/Trains.

We started this Journey by selecting, at most competitive value to consumer, the world’s best electric vehicles, to build a community of Change-Makers collectively working towards a carbon free society. 

For this reasons our vehicles took the name of Scientist, Artists, Innovators and whoever has contributed for a better world. 

Join us in this journey... 🛴

Meet our founders

Filippo and Saverio are the co-founders of LushTech.  

They met in Shanghai, China in 2013 for their MSc in International Business. Shanghai is known to be one of the most polluted cities in the world and this firsthand experience made them realise the importance of sustainability, clean air and decarbonisation. 

Since then, they have never stopped dreaming of contributing for a cleaner world and became very good friends. Both share the love for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. 


meet our founders